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Welcome to Hallingplast

Hallingplast is one of the Nordic countries' largest and most modern manufacturers of plastic pipe systems. The company is a  Norwegian family business, located in Hallingdal.

Hallingplast AS extrudes pipes and profiles in various plastic materials, with the main emphasis on Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP), but the company also produces pipes where other plastic materials are used. The company has modern equipment that allows you to combine different materials to give the pipes new areas of use and better properties. The range of products is large, with the main emphasis on pipes for water and sewage, oil and gas, cages for the fish farming industry, special pipes for petrol stations and pre-weighted pipes for underwater pipelines. Through collaboration with some of Europe's leading players in plastic processing, Hallingplast also offers a complete range of pipe parts and accessories.

Hallingplast has a strong focus on sustainable operations and minimizing pollution to nature and the environment. The products are produced without emissions to nature with short-traveled raw materials from Nordic suppliers, our own recycled material and Norwegian hydropower. Pipes from Hallingplast are built for a delivery time of at least 100 years, and all material can be reused.

As the only player in the Nordics, Hallingplast can offer 100% fossil-free pipes in both PE and PP according to the mass balance principle.